How to Create the Best Baby Registry

When I was a new mom I had NO CLUE about babies, let alone what to put on a baby registry. At the time I was in the Air Force stationed in Italy without my mom, grandma, aunt and friends. How was I supposed to know what a new baby needed? I signed up for a class for new parents and I was given very little guidance so I had to wing it on my Amazon Registry. Now that I’m a mother of two, I can tell you what worked and what didn’t. All items that I’m going to share with you I’ve tried personally and LOVED!

1. The Crib 

I don’t know about you, but I like to save MONEY! That’s why I decided to get The DaVinci 4 in 1 convertible crib. You do not need to spend $300 on a crib because you know what? That baby is most likely going to be sleeping with YOU!

You will eventually want to get them in their crib and this one is your winner. Why? Did you read the 4 in 1 part? It goes from newborn, infant, toddler and regular bed. Your baby will be sleeping in this bed until they’re 5!

How much is this awesome crib you ask? Right now on Amazon it’s $174! That’s $43 dollars a year of usage! It also comes in all sorts of cute colors.

Going for a rustic theme? Pick the rustic grey color. Want more a masculine feel? Go with the espresso brown. It also comes in the classic white along with a few more colors.

2. The Strollers 

Yeah, you read that right. Strollers is plural. Let me go over the first stroller you’re going to want.

When they’re an infant, please do yourself a favor and get any of the Graco Click to Connect strollers. You do not want to be lugging that infant car seat around when you’re at the two week well visit. Even though that little baby is 8 pounds, that infant carrier gets heavy. Especially for my C-Section moms. You’re only advised to carry no more than 10 pounds and if you include a baby and a carrier that’s well over 10 pounds.

Depending on your family plans I would suggest either the Graco Ready to Grow Click to Connect Stroller or the Graco Road Master Jogging Stroller. Now lets break down both of these.

The Graco Ready to Grow stroller is a DOUBLE stroller. If you plan to have another baby in the next year or two just go ahead and get this stroller. You don’t want to have to buy a single stroller to purchase a double in the next year. What a waste!

This stroller is awesome anyways. It’s one of the most compact out there (it’s still big but smaller than the others) It won’t cost you $1,600 (trust me, I’ve known people to spend this much) It has 12 different ways the newborn to infant to toddler to child can ride. As you can tell, I like these whole, “Grow Into” items. You know why? It saves money in the long haul!

How much is this awesome stroller you ask? $179!!! Wowza! If I can’t convince you on that, I don’t know what will.

Okay, you mentioned other strollers.

Yes I did! Now if you’re a one and done family, you don’t plan on having any more for awhile or you plan to get that mom bod into shape this next stroller is for you.

The Graco Road Master Jogging Stroller. It’s another Click to Connect by Graco. All Click to Connect car seats are compatible with both of these strollers. The best thing about this stroller, it comes in a bundle! It includes the jogging stroller, the infant car seat AND the base!

I’m not talking “All About that Base” I’m talking car seat base.

What the heck is a car seat base? I’m putting this out there because this is how clueless I was! I know there’s more of you new momma’s that think the same. A car seat base stays in the car that’s already buckled in to easily get the car seat in and out of the car. Babies are hard but the car seat and stroller don’t have to be!

Okay, your next question is how much is this awesome bundle? $159! That’s for three items folks. Stroller, infant car seat and base. That’s only $53 an item. Whoa! I love saving money!


If you’re a traveling mommy like I was, you are going to want this next stroller. Don’t bring your jogging stroller to the market or even Venice like I did. You are going to want a travel stroller. There are so many different travel strollers out there and DO NOT get the cheap $15 one from Walmart.

You are going to want one that is shock proof for all that walking, one with a seat that reclines, a basket, canopy, cup holder, 10 pounds of storage for your shopping, lightweight and a travel bag. “Wow, that stroller sounds awesome” Because it is!

It’s the Summer 3D Lite. It comes in a few cute colors too. I bought my daughter the neon pink one. How much is this one you ask? It’s $79! Not a bad fee for a great travel stroller.

3. Baby Wraps and Carriers 

Now that I’ve talked your ears off about strollers. Lets move to baby wraps and carriers. Yes they are different and yes you’re going to want two different ones.

When they’re an infant they can’t fit into most carriers. They usually need to be 15 pounds to fit into a carrier.

That’s why I got the Boba Wrap. My daughter would sleep for three hours at a time in this wrap when in ROME! No that’s not an expression. We really were in Rome. Do you know how loud Rome is? It’s loud. I would actually have to wake her up to feed her and change her diaper. It’s that comfortable!

Not only that, the Boba is good for their immune system, regulates body temperature, mimics the environment of the womb, safe hip positioning and carried babies cry less!

Even if you’re not planning on doing a lot of traveling, this is a great wrap to have around the house! During those early days it’s very hard to get a free hand. My husband would cut my chicken and feed it to me. It’s that bad!

When you wear your baby around the house you can clean, cook, brush your teeth, the possibilities are endless when you have two hands back! This wrap won’t break the bank either. It retails for $39 on Amazon.

Now on to the carrier. I love my Tula. It was voted the best baby wearing brand for 2017 and 2018! It’s great for the baby’s hips, good for your back, can be worn in the front or the back, 100% cotton, and adjustable. My toddler still fits in this carrier. It’s THAT good!

How much is the Tula? Well it depends on your style. They range from $80 to $169 depending on what design you pick. My daughter had the Navigator style since we traveled a lot and her nursery theme was travel.

4. The Baby Swing 

If you want free hands and don’t want to wear your baby, do yourself a favor and get a baby swing.

I personally love the Fisher Price Cradle ‘n Swing. We didn’t own this one but my daughters nanny did. It looked so comfortable. Every time my daughter was in that swing she would either be quiet and content or fall asleep. I wish they made one in my size!

This swing has two different ways to swing, two recline positions, six swing speeds, 16 soothing songs and nature sounds. (Trust me, for your sanity you’re going to want a variety) overheard dome mirror, soft toys and a washable seat pad.

This item retails from $89 to $159 depending on what design you get.

5. Diapers

The BEST diapers to get when you have a newborn are the Pampers Swaddlers. Hands down! It’s the most recommended and used brand by hospitals. It’s the softest diaper out there and hugs your baby the right way. Especially during those first few months. It also has a wetness indicator.

Do yourself a favor and get the size one diapers. You can get a small bag of newborn diapers only (most hospitals give you a bag to bring home) You’re going to want a BIG BOX of size one Pampers Swaddlers. Let me tell you why.

NEWBORNS POOP ALOT! It goes in and right out! TMI? Sorry Charlie. Better you know now. Also, getting the big box really saves you money. Don’t keep spending money on the “cheap” small bag of diapers. It’s costing you money in the long haul.

Lets do some math here.

Big box of diapers $43 you get 198 diapers for .21 cents a diaper

Small bag of diapers $6.50 you get 20 diapers for .32 cents a diaper

I did all the math for you. By getting the big box in the beginning, you save $21.78!!!

You just bought yourself half of the next box!

That baby is going to be in diapers for awhile so do yourself a favor and just buy the boxes.

DISCLAIMER only buy one box at a time. Babies grow fast and you never know when they’re going to need the next size up.

6. Pacifier 

When you have a newborn the best and most recommended pacifier by hospitals is the Philips Avent Soothie. It’s BPA free, comes in a two pack, and durable. When my daughter would lose her pacifier we would tear up the house looking for it. She was not happy without it and neither were we!

Speaking of losing the pacifier. Don’t be like me and wait four months to get a pacifier clip. This keeps the pacifier on the baby at all times and keeps it clean. Babies spit them out a lot! I really liked the four pack of Dobo Babies Strong Clasp holders. They’re gentle on clothes, has a universal loop, cute designs and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

7. Night Gown

A lot of people talk about swaddling their babies but

1. I never became an expert at it

2. My daughter hated being swaddled

There are sleep sacks that are nice but what I really preferred were these open night gowns. They’re really easy for diaper changes in the middle of the night. You don’t have to worry about a swaddle or zippers. It just pulls right over the baby’s legs.

They come in multiple designs, come in a three pack and are 100% cotton. Get the Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Gown.

8. Bouncer

But I already have the swing. Girl, do you want to shower? A bouncer is a nice mobile chair for that baby to lay in. You can put it next to the shower, the laundry, the bed, wherever.

I really like the Fisher Price Delux Bouncer. It’s at a great price of $39, has calming vibrations, 20+ minutes of sounds/music, lightweight, adjustable restraints and deep with a cushy seat.

9. Playmat 

Ever heard of tummy time? This is essential for your baby’s strength. I like the Mootoys Kick and Play Piano play mat. It’s for babies 1-36 months, portable, easy to clean and at a value of $29!

There you have it new momma! Babies don’t need much in the beginning. They’re mostly going to be sleeping on your chest, nursing and pooping. Have those diapers and clean clothes ready. Babies make a mess!

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Here are some photos of my family:

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